Main factors to consider When Buying a smart phone

It is precious time for smart phones. Mobile phone technology has been improving very fast in the electronics world. Mobile phone companies launching more and more smart phone to overcome various competitor models. Now we can buy Smartphone at lower cost price.

check list to buy best smart phone

But its harder to find the best quality smartphone, which will has longer life. People are getting tempt because of impressive offers and discount on smart phones. Most attractive offers, which launched by, Great Amazon offers on Moto Mobile Phones. Buy Moto mobile phones and Get Rs.1000 Off on the particular mobile. Motorola is fast selling mobile phone in India.

Here some of factors we have listed, check out the important points before ordering mobile phone or smart phones.

Factors to consider when bying a smart phone - savemyrupee


Operating System:

We have a different os on various branded mobile phones. Pick your favourite smart phone brand. Fix the budget and Check for the recent OS Update details on the particular brand mobiles.

Smart phone Operating System - Savemyrupee

Android – Multi Tasking, and More user friendly

Windows – Want a best MS Office.

iOS – Simplistic OS with best software ingretation.

Blackberry – High secure Email(For Business) and Best keyboard Facility. Most of the mobile networks launches 4G network services, better to buy a 4G LTE support mobile phones.


Mobile Screen Size:

In current survey, The Screen Size of mobile phone is one of the most important factor.  iPhone also increased their mobile phone sizes to satisfy their customers. While checking screen Size also check with screen resolution and screen display like Amoled, LED, Corning, IPS and More.

Smart phone Mobile Screen Size and resolution - savemyrupee



Most of the smart phone has 8PM Primary Camera and 5 MP Secondary camera. Check Mega pixel and picture resolution for the camera. Also check with the LED flash, Auto focus and Video recording Pixel size. If you are like to buy smartphone with best camera features, check above the features and fix to buy.

Smart phone camera feature - savemyrupee



Battery size is most important factor, when buying mobile phone. Pick a phone with the best battery range. Most of the smart phone has battery range up to 2000mAH. If the you picking a smartphone with larger screen in size, best to know about the battery range with better mAH.

Smart phone battery life - savemyrupee



Smaller phones came with 512mb RAM. But Now a days launching Smartphone with 1GB or 2 GB RAM for better memory. Check out the phone ROM memory also while buying Smartphone. Better buy a Smartphone with 16GB internal memory, after we can extend some memory range by external SD Card. Most of the phones support upto 64GB external SD card. Some of the exceptional causes mobile phones comes with upto 128GB micro SD Card support.

Smart phone Memory Size RAM and ROM - Savemyrupee


SAR Value:

Mobile Phones are now a most important part in everyday life. SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate) is a measurement of how much electromagentic radiation is absorbed by body tissue whilst using mobile phone. The Higher SAR Vale more radiation will absorbed by body. Check the SAR value for a mobile phone.

sar value for head and body - savemyrupee

The Federal Communications Commission revised SAR limit as 1.6 W/kg for 1 gm of tissue.



Check the above all aspects, before buying Smartphone online or offline. Most of them purchasing smart phones via online, because of best cashback offers and able to extra discount by using specific bank card as ICICI, AXIS, SBI and More. Its easy to check the Smartphone feature and specification.

Happy Shopping!!!!! Save More and Learn More.

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