What are the advantages of Apple mobiles

What are the advantages of Apple mobiles

Because of increased competition in Apple iphone which is termed to be in “smartphone” category than earlier before. While iphone is being challenged by many other brands such as Android and Samsung. It’s still said to be the best Smartphone for many users. I phone offers up many sleek design, fast browsing speed, user friendly and now currently available for many other major US cell providers. There are many other special features that makes iPhone to be must.

Face Time

There  is one big benefit to Iphone and many other Apple device which is the Face Time feature that has a front camera to enables up video chats with Apple phone in high definition. Previously there was only Face Time video calls over cellular data with Iphone 5. Face Time is said to one personal way to stay in touch with your friends, family and clients

front camera in apple mobiles



Iphone camera is so well adavnaced that many people are with digital cameras and even using apple Iphone exclusively for picture snapping. Iphone 5 features with 8 megapixel camera which offers 40 percent faster photo taking in previous models and also provides with panorama features which helps to snap about 240 degree panorama photos that are 28 megapixels in resolution.

camera in apple mobiles


Apple iphone is said to be an ideal phone which is use to own many other Apple products such as Mac computers, ipods and IPads. Apple free iCloud service, Iphone helps to share data, photos, music and contacts with all your other Apple products. An added convenience helps to transfer data between the products. For example whenever you take a snap of your photo onto your Iphone then it automatically transfers the photo to your computer from where you want to edit it.


Other Advantages

There are several advantages that Iphone users to enjoy or download the device from Apple’s App store. There is also a virtual assistant which can help you to find a restaurant and opening up an app to locate an area for making phone call. The iPhone 5 has an enhanced Retina with about 326 pixels per inch for a bright, crisp image.

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